Best Gift Types

Before we started our own flower shop at Raffles Place, we thought that flowers can only be gifted in bouquet form. What we eventually found out took us by surprise. Here are three ways to do flower delivery in Singapore and at the end of the article we will share with you what we feel is the best gift to send. 

Flower Bouquets 

The most common type of flower gift is probably the flower bouquet. A flower bouquet is essentially a beautiful mix of flowers presented in colored wrapping paper. Yet, within this seemingly simple concept is a colorful world of styles and designs which took us by surprise when we first started the shop. 

While we will love to share more about the different type of flower bouquets, that is a blog post for another time! . 

Flower Boxes 

Flower bouquets are not often the most practical as they can be a little odd shaped and thus do not fit well in every room. Some recipients sometimes have issues with their flower bouquets because they do not know where to put it. 

As such, there are those who choose to give flower boxes instead. These boxes are equally gorgeous and yet do not create the issue of gift placement.   

Flower Jars

Flower Boxes are nice but they do not make the flowers last for as long as possible. This is because the flowers will lose their water supply after the Oasis form in the box dries up. A flower jar like this solves the problem as it will allow the recipient to easily replace the water and thus make the flower jar last as long as possible. 

Verdict: Flower Jars

We prefer flower jars because they are the most practical yet at the same time do not lose the allure and beauty that most of the other arrangements bring. Further, Flower jars can literally be used for any occasion. That said. Come on in to have a look at our entire collection of folours. 

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