Benefits of flowers to toddlers in Singapore

benefit of flowers to toddlers

Would you get a flower delivery in Singapore so that you can put a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your child’s study table or bed side? Some parents may buy these flower arrangements for themselves but few will think of using them as teaching material for their young toddlers. Today we will be sharing a little about what you can use flowers to teach your young children, why these lessons are important and why it is a better alternative than going out into mother nature.  

Too many electronic gadgets

Children these days have too much computer and electronic stimulus. So often do we see kids that are less than 3 years old watching papa pig or some other show on their parent’s phone. As they grow older, they will gravitate towards the games in the phone. We have seen cases where children are so engrossed in their virtual world that they do not realise what is happening around them. This is definitely not a positive for a child’s learning years as it will reduce their exposure to the outside world which is where they will learn more about the environment that they are in. Further, exposing children to that much artificial light in their early years can be extremely detrimental to their eye sight.

Bringing nature into the mix

Flowers can help to bring a little bit of nature into their learning environment. There have been numerous studies that show the benefit of nature in reducing stress and improving memory but we know that this does not really matter for kids as they have not been exposed to high level of stress. However, having flowers in the house actually encourages them to get out into nature. This helps them to achieve higher mobility and exposure and wean them off the games on the computers and ipads.

Using flowers to teach colours

Flowers can help accelerate their learning of color hues. Most toddlers often take a while to learn how to differentiate and articulate the difference in colors. This is in part because they start with very limited vocabulary. Hence, when shown an object with a different color, they may start to see some differences between colors at around 18 months of age but may not be able to tell you in words what the difference is. That said, you should not worry if they are not able to identify yet as most kids can at least name one color by age of 3.

Being aware if your child is color blind

However, if your child is still not able to tell the right color by age 5, he/she may be color blind. By consistently using a palette of colors such as that seen in flower bouquets, you can tell if they are only able to identify certain colors. For example, if your child cannot tell that a red rose is red and says that it is green, then the lack of vocabulary is not the issue. Instead, it may be a sign that he/she is red/green color blind. This is especially probable if the child can identify the yellow sunflower and pink hydrangea that you showed him a few weeks ago.

Learning about colors is important

Some parents may ask why learning about color hues is important as that is not taught or tested in schools. Instead, they will view the learning of numbers to be the most important. While there are also ways to teach numbers using flowers such as asking the child to tell you how many stems of roses there are in that arrangement, that is an article for another time. To us, learning numbers is definitely important as it can give children the edge over their peers in school However, that is not the most important factor in a child’s upbringing. By letting them learn about colour hues from an early age, it can induce them to be more creative. Further, a kid who is more aware of colour differences will be safer. They will know not to put blue or green items into their mouth. This can be a life saver as not all blue and green items are the little chocolate m&m treats.

Flowers at home vs in the garden

Flowers delivered to your house allow u to have a controlled environment to assist your toddler in better identifying the major colors. By having a nice flower arrangement delivered to your house, you will be able to conduct your flower/ color lessons in your home. This is better than going out into the garden for a few reasons. In Singapore, the variety of flowering plants in the bushes is very limited. You are likely to see bright pink bougainvillea or bright red hibiscus and that is about it. You will not be able to see more exciting flowers like blue and light pink hydrangeas growing in the wild. So, by getting a flower arrangement which is mostly made up of imported flowers, the spectrum of colors that you can introduce to your kid greatly increases.

Another important benefit of a flower delivery to your house is that you do not risk your child getting injured from touching the flowers or getting attacked by the unassuming bees that are in the bushes. Most flowers in the wild have all kinds of thorns. This along with the kid’s propensity to touch everything means that the likelihood of injury is high. Further, there may be bees in the wild and as any parent will tell you, a bee sting can be very traumatizing for children due to the swelling and pain that they have to go through.

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