Are Roses ordered online any good?

As a Singapore florist, roses are perhaps one of the most popular flowers that are sold over the course of the year. As they come in many different colours, they are a great present for your loved ones for just about any occassion. This present is also exceedingly customisable and can go from one stem to a luxurious looking 99 stem rose bouquet. This Valentine’s Day, we even saw a 999 rose godzilla bouquet in Singapore. For more on this, check out Coconut’s post! However, with the advent of ecommerce, more and more of these roses are ordered online. Since you cannot get to see the roses, there are some misgivings as to the quality of these flowers that you have paid for when you click that button.

To us, the roses ordered online are just like any roses and the real concern is because we have either not developed trust with the ecommerce store or the store has not provided sufficient information detailing the type and kind of rose that you have purchased.

Online roses are the same

What is the difference between an online and offline rose. Nothing much. All that is different is the way our customers purchase it. This is very much like buying a washing machine on an ecommerce store vs say the retail mall 10 km away. From the perspective of the seller, the online or offline rose comes from the same wholesaler or supplier and is essentially the same rose.

Then why is there a difference in quality?

The difference in quality stems from the fact that the buyer is not there to witness and choose which particular stem of rose they want. Hence it is up to the florist to decide which rose to use. Given that the florist does not know the recipient and has already collected the payment upfront, there is that possibility that the florist may use some lower quality rose and cut some corners.

There may also be a difference in quality because many a time the photos that you see are some what dated and as a result are not the actual bouquet that you will receive. This is a standard in the floral industry, which sets it apart from say the electronics industry where things are mass produced and standadised along the assembly line.

In case you start distrusting all florist, we will like to say that floral design is as much an art and if you are going to buy an artpiece, even along the streets of ho chi minh, you will be hard pressed to find an art piece that is exactly the same.

How to make sure you get a good ‘online rose’

For buyers, they have to make sure that they trust the florist. If they are a long term customer, the florist in their attempt to maintain that good relaitonship will not burn bridges and give you a low quality flower. Further when you know the florist, they will be upfront when they are going to replace the rose that you have wanted with another grade. A trusted florist will always replace it with a rose of equivalent value and nothing less.

Look for details about the rose

You can also make sure the rose is of a particular grade and country of origin. Most Kenyan and Ecuador roses are better than chinese or malaysia roses, ceterus paribus. OF course, there is also the length of the stem and the size of the flower bud that differentiates the roses from these countries. However, it is safe to say that if the florist is confident enough to state that it is a kenyan rose, you can be sure of its quality.

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