Are Flower Bouquets ever worth it?

When we first started this flower delivery singapore program, we have a couple of friends who asked us if Flower Bouquets are ever worth it? They are expensive, they don’t really last and yes we need to dispose of it after about 3 weeks. However, the fact of the matter is we still tend to give roses during Vday and sunflower bouquets during those university commencement celebrations. While we stop giving actual physical greeting cards, we have not stopped sending flowers. For us, the question is why and if it is worth spending the money on flower bouquets.

The answer to that question is that its only worth spending money to buy more intricately designed bouquets. To understand the reason, we need to first look at why flower bouquets are expensive.

 Flower Bouquet are Handmade pieces of Art

Flower Bouquets are not gifts that we can bulk purchase from Taobao or other Chinese E commerce site. It is also not a gift that we can produce with machines. Instead the flowers have to be handpicked, and wrapped by hand by and individual who has been trained in this multi disciplinary art. Beyond the labor that went into each bouquet, we are also paying for a piece of the design.

Before the bouquet appeared as beautiful photo on your smart phone or computer, it was first a vision by the floral designer. This vision about the shape, the color and the type of flowers can only be achieved by a floral designer who has spent years working with different textures and proficient with color wheel. Further as with any professional working with pieces of nature, one has to be increasingly adaptable when designing bouquets. Not every flower that you want for your perfect flower bouquet will be readily available. As such the floral designer must be able to substitute a flower with another without losing that look and feel. This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do. Yet it is also the most important thing because beyond just buying handmade pieces of art, the buyer is also buying a particular mood and feel that the bouquet incites. 

100% imported

Flowers do not do well in Singapore’s Climate. Hence many of the flowers that you see in our bouquets are imported from far flung areas such as Kenya and Holland. While they are more expensive materials, they are critical for the creation of that luxurious look. These flowers are better both in terms of color, vase life and also stem head. The effect of these premium qualities gets well reflected when they are used in a beautiful bouquet or jar arrangement.

Paying For Convenience

Another point about flowers is that they come with all kinds of foilage and leaves that need to be cleaned. Not all of the roses that are imported can be used. As such, our clients are paying for that one or two best roses in a entire bundle. Further, they also do not have to go through the hassle of cleaning and dethorning the roses as we have already done it for them! 

In addition, most of our clients want their bouquets fast and immediate. When that is the case, they are unable to do all the preparatory work or learn the knowledge in time to get the bouquet ready. Hence, the price paid is not so much about the bouquet as it is about the value that the floral shop provides for our esteemed clients. 

Paying For Quality

 There are many flower shops that are increasing cutting their prices so that they can be competitive. However, what happens is that florist will have to work within the budget and therefore further scrimp on the flowers that they can use in the bouquet. With such a restriction on the flowers use also prevents them from creating a look and feel that is what clients are actually buying. Further, when flowers used get too generic and basic, the bouquet becomes something that clients can purchase easily from our local supermarkets. This reduces the wow factor that essentially is the reason why we buy flowers in the first place. 

For this reason, we know it is in clients best interest that we create value and not cheapness for the bouquets. We hope this article answers why flower bouquets are expensive and why it is a good idea to stick to them as your favorite go to gifts. If you are interested in getting your flowers delivered in singapore, do let us know!

Happy Blooming! 

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