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A tribute to new mothers

With mother’s day coming, we wish to celebrate this day by sharing a little about the stress that our mums’ face when they first brought us to this world. For some of us who are the second or third child in the family, our mum is likely to already have some experience. That said, many mothers do say that each child is different and at times the direct opposite of what you will expect.

However, if you are the eldest child in your family, your mother would have so many worries and concerns when she first brought you into this world. This is largely because she has no primary first hand experience of being a mother and nothing anyone else say can prepare her for what is to come. Here are a list of worries that she probably had when she was about to give birth to you.

We hope you appreciate the concern that your mum has for you. For those who will like to show your mum some appreciation by getting her a bouquet of flowers, we are still open for flower deliveries across Singapore.

If your mother is not a flower person, here are some other ways to make your mother happy.

She was worried if you will come out okay

Most mothers have the worry that their baby boy or girl will not be healthy and normal. No matter what assurance the doctors give, our mothers always take a personal responsibility in us even before we are born. They are afraid that we may suffer complications or may have some bodily limitations that may affect us. This is a legitimate concern that does not go away even if this is not the first child that the mother is having.

For those who ever said that your mother doesn’t care about you, she was probably caring about you even before you became you. Think about that !

She was worried if you will be safe

Knowing that their child was born healthy and normal does not allay mother’s fears. She will go on to worry about how she can keep you safe when she brings you home.

When she first brought you home, she will be worried about how to keep your cot as bacteria free as possible. For herself, she will probably just clean with some dettol or detergent that she buys off the shelf in the supermarket.

However, when it comes to her newborn, she will be worried about whether the chemical in the detergent will hurt the newborn. Hence she will only go for the organic chemical free type of detergent. Further she will also make it a point to clean frequently as she is worried that you may catch a bug if she lets up.

As newborn, we are so fragile that we can be hurt even if its a bacterial free environment. All it takes is for someone to leave an unwrapped sweet near the cot. These easy to miss caretaking mistakes may lead to a long trail of ants that can do much harm to us as little infants.

Even infant toys can be a cause for mothers to worry. Ever heard about how some toy companies have chemical paint on their toys or how someone found a needle or metal strip in a soft toy? All these incidents often freak new mothers out as they do not want their children to be accidentally poisoned or harmed by their own carelessness.

She was worried if you will be be hungry

Many mothers are concerned about whether they will be able to produce enough milk to breastfeed their babies. They may also be worried when babies refuse to be fed, wondering if their newborn is just not hungry or feeling discomfort.

She needed someone to take care of you

Many of our mothers used to be full time corporate warriors and she would have wondered who can render the proper care for you when her maternity leave ends. Leaving her newborn with an alternative caretaker is very challenging as she would be wondering how you are faring for the whole day that you are not with her.

Further, it is also an emotional strain on her as she cannot spend as much time with you as she would have liked. If you have fallen asleep by the time she got home, she would have missed all the interaction with you in your waking hours. Some mothers do worry about whether their babies will recognise them when they can’t spend as much time with them.


We know that our mothers can be overbearing at times. Sometimes we even feel that she is downright unreasonable. However, when you put yourself in her shoes, and been through all those worries, you will better empathize with why she feels the way she does. Without our mothers’ and their incessant worry for us, some of us may have met with an unfortunate incident and not live to wish her mother’s day this year.

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