A Primer on Roses

At our Raffles Place Florist we use all type of flowers to make our luxury bouquets. This includes sunflowers, hydrangeas and even peonies. However, the red rose remains one of the key staples behind many of our bouquets that goes into our flower delivery singapore program. This is either the result of client request or because the symbolism of the red rose is so etched in each and everyone’s mind. As a result, most ladies like to be given red roses. However, a common question from clients is how many red roses should I give and how much is considered too much. Today, we will be sharing a little on the symbolism of red roses, the history of its use, what the number of stems mean and most importantly how to avoid looking over the top.

A Beautiful Red Rose

The Influence of Shakespearean Literature 

Red Roses became synonymous with romance in part due to Shakespeare, the well known literary great. Many in Singapore who has gone through some form of literature either by choice or forced by the Education Syllabus will be familiar with the following quote from Romeo and Juliet ” A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Juliet in that one statement not only showed his indifference about Romeo being from the rival house of Montague but more importantly, also made the parallel between Romeo his true love with a Rose. Given how definitive Shakespearean Literature was in shaping the modern western art and civilization today, it is no wonder that the red rose is that one undeniable symbol of true love and romance.

How many stems of roses should I give 
One Rose: Love at first sight 
Two rose: Mutual love and affection 
Three roses: One-month anniversary Gift 
Six roses: infatuated and want to be yours 
Ten roses: their love is perfection

We can go on and on about this. For any floral shop, the best is that you buy a million roses! However, practically you should just stick with 10 -20 roses. If you have the additional budget, it is always good to add other fillers or add an extra soft toy or upgrade your dinner venue.

An Example of a wonderful rose flower bouquet

If you do not want to appear over the top, you can mix roses of different color into the bouquet, as seen from our bouquet above. You can even get bouquets with other types of complimentary flowers such as hydrangeas.

We hope the above tips will help you in your endeavor to win your lady’s fine heart ^^

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