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As florist specialising in flower delivery singapore, once in a while we will have corporate bankers coming in asking for funeral stands. Funeral stands are elaborate display of neutral coloured flowers that is sent to the wake so as to Express the senders love and support during the family’s time of loss. More significantly, it is perhaps the last gift that you will send to the departed. If the departed is your friend, we feel it’s very important to send an arrangement that most resembles what you want to tell him or her before they depart this earth plane.

There are a lot of flower delivery companies who offer these funeral stands, hence it is important to know how to differentiate a good vs bad product offering. However in times of grief no one is really in the mood to rationally evaluate which wreath to buy. The more feasible thing to do is to choose a florist that you can trust and just go to him or her for your funeral stand. That said, we wish to share some of the main points that you have to look out for when buying funeral stands. 

Why some flower stands are cheap and others are so expensive

Having surveyed the market, we know that there are flower stands that cost as little as 75 dollars including delivery. On twe other end of the spectrum are flower stands which costs to the tune of 500 dollars. Why the difference in price?

Cheaper flower stands, when compared to the more expensive ones use more foliage than flowers. Some really cheap flower stands may at times only have four stalks of flowers amidst a sea of leaves. We don’t offer these stands because we feel it’s really not a great way to send loved ones or anyone off for that matter. 

On the other hand, those super expensive ones go way beyond just using more flowers than leaves. They are also particular on the type of flowers that are used often using the more expensive varieties. This is not just a matter of vanity. Most elaborate wakes often last 5 days to a week. By using more expensive flowers, they will still look fresh on the day of departure. Often the floral designer will also give you the option of choosing what type of flowers you will like in your funeral stand. It may be the favourite flowers of the departed or flowers that you prefer. 

When should you order

When buying funeral stands, it’s best to order immediately when you hear of the news. This is so that you can give ample time for the floral designer to source for the flowers that you require. For a big flower stand, most small boutique shops will not hold so much white flowers in their daily inventory. Hence there will be a need to immediately order additional flowers from the wholesaler. These flowers when delivered will then have to be properly primed for the beautiful stand that you have ordered.  Once the stand is done, the floral designer will also need to print and laminate your personalised message so they will know that the funeral stand is from you.

With all these in mind, we hope you will have an easier time when ordering funeral stands for flower delivery within Singapore. That said we hope you will never have to come to us for funeral stands for we do not want you to feel the pain of loss for your loved ones as well.

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