6 Tips for Budget Valentine Day (Vday) Gifts

We know the pressure is immense for you to spend lots of money on your girlfriend on Valentine’s day. However, is that really necessary?

The answer is no. You can keep to a small budget as long as you plan your gift properly

While many ladies dream about marrying princes with large state coffers to finance lavish weddings, most of us are just ordinary Joe, taking a small paycheck from a 8 to 5 job. So we can perfectly understand when you hesitate about spending a large sum of money on Valentine’s day itself. Here are some tips as to how to have a nice romantic evening without breaking your bank account. 


In the world of gifting, convenience and price are often two dichotomies. If you want the convenience, you will definitely have to pay a premium as someone will have to do the legwork for you. However if you are more sensitive on price, then you should considering spending more effort on making your own presents. One good example will be: 

1. Building a small box where you can put your past photos with her on it

When it comes to building boxes, you do not have to use a penknife and make your own cardboard box. Instead, head over to Artfriend or Spotlight and you will be able to find very romantic boxes. In fact, the last time we went, we actually found some very interesting wooden boxes that can be used as musical boxes. More on that later. 

2,Inside the box, you can put small pieces of surprises for her. 

This can be anything from chocolate to a hand pressed book mark to a hand sewn crystal bracelet. It can even be a small musical box that you have purchased on taobao or ezbuy. 

3,To top it off, add a piece of handwritten note for her (no printed Microsoft word document). 

This last step is super super important as a handwritten note will show that you are very sincere and honestly sincerity is worth a million dollars!

Other examples of handmade gifts

That said, you cannot keep giving boxes for Valentine’s day so here are some other gifts that you potentially can make. While some of these gifts may require a small initial investment to learn the skills, they have far better mileage in the long term. 

Floral Arrangement
For a small fee of SGD 128, we will be teaching you how to do your own bouquet. While not available during this V-day, if you invest in this, you are pretty much set for the other 71 Vdays in your life! Don’t mind our exaggeration but you get the point! Get your flower delivery singapore service now!

Similar idea to floral arrangement. Learn how to make her favorite macaroon and you may just find the sugar path into her heart. It is a no brainer that most girls like desserts especially ones as pretty and as delicious as Macaroons. We know there are great chefs out there teaching how to make these.

If you have to buy

There are great discounts from Parallel import cosmetic stores. These stores are way cheaper than if you buy these products in a retail store. You may also be able to persuade a friend to do you a favor if they are going overseas as they may be able to get these branded perfumes for much cheaper in Duty free stores. 

Soft Toys
If any of you realised, a soft toy… even a branded soft toy is cheaper than your usual premium gifts. Hence, if you are not a budget why not consider sending a soft toy such as say a jellycat or a me to you tatty tots bear.

Matching T Shirts

If your girlfriend is a fan of those cute cartoon shows, you may want to get her a matching Tshirt from uniqlo. You have many choices there form Donald and Daisy Duck to Micky and Minnie Mouse to Minions and Sesame Street. These Tshirts are not expensive but when wrapped in a nice wrapping paper can really give her a pleasant surprise.   

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