5 ways to choose fresh flowers in Singapore

One of our clients who came to our raffles place flower shop looking for a hydrangea bouquet, asked us how he can tell if flowers are fresh. While we are certain that the flowers from our flower delivery Singapore program are among the freshest, we will be sharing a few tips so that our clients can better differentiate fresh flowers from those which are less so and as a result choose the best flowers for your loved ones.

How can you tell if a flower is fresh

Are you intending to make your own hand bouquets? If you are, the first thing you need to make sure you pick the freshest flowers. However, when you enter a floral shop or a wholesaler, how are you supposed to differentiate between blooms and choose the freshest of them all? Here are 5 tips for you so that you will always choose the best flowers for bouquets.

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1.Flower Bud and petals must be firm

To find the freshest blooms one key step is to ensure that the flower buds and petals are firm. If you don’t know what firm is supposed to feel like, Look around the bunch and look for a wilting flower. What you will realise is that the wilting flower has petals that are somewhat crinkled. The buds also feel less taut and look a little like the raisin you just had this morning. Now, holding that idea firm in your mind, think about the direct opposite. A fresh flower should have a bud that is taut and firm. If you buy those you are one step closer to ensuring that your blooms will last much longer.  

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2. Petals must be vibrant!

Look at those roses to the left, aren’t those petals vibrant? Yes. This is what you will want to look for in a fresh bloom. When flowers are not fresh, you will start to see that they loose some of their lustre. Some even look like they have black spots on them, signs that the flower has aged significantly. If you see those, please avoid them. 

Do however note that if the petals look somewhat greenish that is not a sign of wilting or algae. Those are the flowers own guard petals and is not a sign that the flowers are not fresh. 

3. Leafy greens

If the petals are vibrant, but the leaves are not, that is a sign that you should move on to the next bloom. This is because both the petals and leaves will only wilt due to 1. aging and 2. lack of water. If the leaves are already browning or wilting, you can bet that the next thing to go will be the petals! 

Practically, when flowers come in a bunch, leaves do get crumpled and crushed by the weight. This may cause them to look ugly and somewhat distorted. When you see that, please do not forsake the fresh flower as her leaves just got in the way when she was shipped over!

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4. Strong sturdy Stems

When you are in a flower shop, what you will realise is that most of the roses are of the same length. However, that is because these roses have been cured and handled by the florist even before you see them. As a rule, better quality roses have longer sturdier stems, and as a result are more expensive. Using that as an analogy will make us realise that strong sturdy stems are critical when finding fresh flowers. 

When we say sturdy stems, this definitely does not really apply to hydrangeas who have one of the thickest stems among the flowers we use. All Hydrangea stems are sturdy! So be sure to look at the other factors such as the color of the leaves as well as the petals! 

Why do we say strong stems. This is because when your stems are about to snap, It may make the stem too short for the floral arrangement that you are intending. Hence you always want to ensure that the stems are long, sturdy and not about to break off! 

5. Nice Clean Root

IF you have the time, it is always a good idea to remove the flower from the vase and take a look at the root. The root of the flower is often where the flowers were first cut and often have a 45 degree angle to them so as to ensure that the flowers maximise their water intake. However, for older wilting blooms, sometimes the root has some algae or mold growing on it. Other times, a part of the root has clearly decomposed. This is not a good sign as it means the rest of the stem has to work doubly hard to draw water up to the flower head. If you see that, please kindly move to the next stem. 

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