5 Reasons why we buy flowers in Singapore

Even though we have a flower delivery Singapore service, we know that flowers are not the most useful present. For example, hydrangea bouquets look so pristine but they are not as practical as a bag, a keychain a wallet or even a vase. They also don’t last as long! We always try to help customers keep their blooms fresh for longer but no matter what we do, we cannot outlast that Louis Vuitton wallet that is sitting nonchalantly on the rack. So why should anyone buy flowers? As I opened the fridge to look at what flowers we have tomorrow, I feel a wave of happiness when I look at these flowers. The worries of the day seem to have faded and that struck me. For me, I buy flowers because they make me happy. However, here are some other reasons why we will buy flowers.

1. Flowers make us happy

A study by researchers at Rutgers University found that of the three types of gifts that are presented in the study; namely flowers candles and fruit, flowers made participants in the experiment the most enthusiastic. This elevation in mood also seemed to be long lasting as the group who received the flowers were recorded to have a better mood three days later.

Apart from the study by researchers from Rutgers, we also saw some findings from a mood research conducted by Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, confirming that even though people are least positive in the morning, seeing a bouquet of flowers the first thing in the morning helped to give an emotional uplift which lasted well into their working hours. 

2. Flowers can reduce anxiety

In modern economies, anxiety is very commonplace. Most of us lead high strung lives with very little relaxation as schedules are often very tight. According to Singapore Health Xchange, 10 % of Singaporeans are prone to anxiety disorders with women and middle aged segment of the population being the most at risk. 

However, it is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive from time to time. Rather than avoid the issue, we can easily provide some relief with some lavender. By having some Lavender in a well placed vase, it can act as a natural remedy for anxiety related symptoms.  If you do not want to buy lavender essential oil extracts or feel that it will cause your hands to be too greasy, the purple lavender flowers are a great alternative to consider. 

3. Flowers can improve memory

A 2015 study seems to suggest that rosemary can help to improve your cognitive memory. If that is the case, we would need to buy more for ourselves as well!

In 2015, these researchers conducted an experiment on 60 individuals, who has completely no idea what is going on. However, the experiment was carried out in three separate rooms. In the control or base case, they were not given any scent, whereas in two other rooms they were given rosemary and lavender respectively. Participants were then tasted to remember a number of objects in the room. The result? you guessed it! those who were in the room with rosemary scent did much better. 

Hence if you often catch yourself struggling to keep up with things and feel that you are forgetting things way too easily. you should consider getting some rosemary to give your brain that much needed boost.  

4. Flowers make you more attractive

It seems as if the existence of flowers in a space can make a man look more attractive in the eyes of a lady. According to a study by Université de Bretagne, women rate men to be more attractive when they are sitted in a room with flowers than in a room without. 

To further his experiment he created a social experiment where a male volunteer will ask for the numbers of ladies. The only difference is that in the control or base case, there were no flowers in the room where the female participants are seated, whereas in the other case, the researcher placed a beautiful vase of flowers there. The results were stunning with 30% more ladies in the room with flowers giving their phone numbers. 

If you still don’t believe that flowers make guys look more attractive, you should listen to the last part of the experiment where the researcher stationed a man beside an actual bakery, shoe store and flower shop. This subject was then supposed to randomly ask for the phone numbers of women who walked passed. Guys will know that the probability of success of such endeavors are rather slim. Yet in the case of the flower shop, the subject actually had far greater success than he did at the bakery and shoe store. Coincidence? we think not!

5. Flowers present an element of surprise

A Flower bouquet always present an element of surprise. Remember the look on your girl’s face when you sent her your first red rose bouquet. The look of surprise on her face was priceless. However, you may not know what else to send her after sending her red rose bouquets repeatedly. Why not choose a combination of pink roses and other pastel blooms. That way you can show her a tad of softness and warmth that she may not be expecting from you. 

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