4 Great additions to your HDB that you will regret not having

4 Great additions to your house

You may be a young couple who have just gotten your keys to your flat. Else you may have had your flat for a while now and is looking to spruce it up abit. Either way, we always want our homes to look the best.

The issue however, is that in Singapore, most of our HDB houses are pretty non differentiated. Though not shoebox units, they are built with economies of scale in mind and thus were made from the same blueprint. While this does not stop homeowners from doing renovation to make their homes feel and look the way they want it to, renovation can come at a rather hefty cost.

Home decoration is exciting for many Singaporean homeowners because it is like your personal pet project. Homes are not like cars, where customisation though extensive is rather limited. We have seen pink mercedes with chrome rims and hello kitty decal before but even then, we still recognise that the car is a mercedes. A house on the other hand, can have different colours for each room, different lighting effects and flooring. This is just the basic and we have not even talked about the kind of additional decoration that you can have.

That said, your home project is not just about being pretty. In typical Singaporean slang, your house must be both functional and chio. Hence you should also include some nifty gadgets that can make your life so much easier.

With all that introduction, let’s dig in into the 7 things we feel you should add to your house.

Fresh Flowers:

For a website focusing on flower delivery singapore, it will be strange if our first go to decor is not fresh flowers. We have mentioned in an earlier post that flowers are a relatively inexpensive form of house decor that you can have. Why is it relatively inexpensive?

This is because for the freshness and frequency for which you can change your flower arrangements, you would be paying way more if you try to do that with art pieces.

Further, flowers are known to be emotionally uplifting. This is so crucial after a long tedious day at work. We always want our house to be the place of solace where we can just rest our tired bodies. For that to happen, our homes must be as comfortable as humanly possible and a good flower arrangement can help us achieve that.

You don’t have to decorate your entire house with flowers. All you need is one hydrangea centerpiece on your dining table or some smaller flower arrangements around the house. This will help to better incorporate nature into your house and make it livelier.

Air Purifying Plants:

Apart from flowers, a good alternative is to get air purifying plants. This can include the likes of aloe vera and certain types of air plants. The benefit of keeping these hanging plants in the house is that they last longer than flowers and help to reduce the amount of pollution in the air.

That said, you have to be careful not to put them near white walls as it is very likely that algae will form on the walls if you keep your plants too close.

If you are thinking about keeping potted plants, do remember to pour away excessive water as you do not want to breed mosquitoes. Every year, Singaporeans will experience an outbreak in dengue in certain housing districts. While this is due to the humidity in our country, you also do not want to add to it and well get fined by NEA.

Hue Lights:

If you want to decorate your house, you can now change the colour of your lights. We were first inspired by our visit to one of W Hotel Sentosa Hotel room where they had a colour changing light system. That really changed the ambience in the room and was a great addition to the hotel experience.

With the Philip hue lights, you now can do the same to your own apartment with your phone! The philip hue light eco system can all be controlled via an app that you can download on your phone. It is difficult to really explain this so here is a video showing the possibilities with Hue lights.


Unless you are living under a rock or in a cave, you would have heard of robo cleaners. We know this is nothing close to Jarvis or Friday that Tony Stark has at home. However, having a robo cleaner at home that helps u vacuum the floor is really a great time saver. While we are skeptical at first, we are surprised at how intuitive and smart the machine actually is. So if you need to start your little nifty housing project. Be sure to get one of these.

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