4 Best Valentine’s Day Flowers: Roses

If you have been giving your girlfriend or wife fake rose for the past 101 valentine’s day and you suddenly feel the need to up your game, you definitely will want to consider fresh flowers. Why fresh flowers? You may ask. After all, the silk flowers that you have bought over the last few Vdays worked pretty well, did they not? Well, does your wife or girlfriend know where she placed the last silk rose that you gave her? We guess not.

In our humble opinion, silk flowers last way longer than real flowers but real flowers have a more permanent and lasting emotional effect than fake ones. Your girlfriend will always remember the beautiful fresh rose bouquet that you bought her on your first date even when she is telling the story to your grandchild.

That said, choosing the right flower bouquet for Valentine’s day can be a daunting task. Should you stick with roses and if you do what colour rose should you pick and how many stems will be idea. If not roses, then will it be appropriate to go for say tulips or even a white hydrangeae? Beyond the question about flower type are more questions such as the colour, design and general look and feel of the bouquet. While most guys in the attempt to keep it safe and simple will go for red roses, it is also not ideal to appear too safe as she may think you don’t have an edge too.

The good news is that there are many flower shops offering different designs online. These flower shops often offer flower delivery singapore services. They also provide nice photos that you can browse through on your mobile before you buy.

To help you on your quest for the ideal valentine day flower bouquet, here are some tips and ideas that you can use. We are sure that you will impress your girl this year!

1. Long Stemmed Red Roses

Lets’s first start with the classic long stemmed red rose. While it is one of the safest option you can go for, it is also a real classic. Girls who receive long stem rose often feel the most feminine and gorgeous.

There are a few things you should note when buying long stem red roses. If you intend to go to the wholesaler to buy these roses, know that you will have to pull out the leaves and dethrone the Rose’s before you can give them as gifts. Also, in a pack of roses there is bound to be those that are squashed and spoilt. Be sure to remove these as well.

If you are going to a florist straight, you wouldn’t have the problem of having to detorn the Rose’s as thats already done for you. However not all Rose’s are created the same. If you are paying for Roses, it is the quality and not the quantity that counts. Rose’s can come from various places including India, China, Kenya, Colombia, Ecuador and the states. There is little point in getting 10 small Indian roses when you can get 5 Kenyan Rose’s. This is because Kenyan roses are larger, last longer and are way prettier. Women are generally more discerning than guys so don’t even try to cut corners for this one

Bouquets of red roses come in a large variety of sizes. There are really small one stem rose variety and there are the super elaborate 99 Roses type. If you are celebrating a big event that coincides with this year’s valentines day, you may want to go for a more elaborate variety.

But how elaborate is elaborate? There is an unspoken rule with regard to the number of roses you should get. 10 Rose’s often mean a love that is perfect while 50 Rose’s is symbolic of infinite love. If you are unsure, always err to the side of safety and buy just a little more. However 10 roses sound perfectly okay.

2. Roses in a Jar

We know some guys have gotten a little sick of bouquets. Well, flowers don’t have to come in bouquet form! Why don’t you get your lady a beautiful flower jar. Red roses done in a beautiful jar format exudes elegance and will be an ideal gift for her.

As mentioned earlier, you can choose the number of roses that you want to put in the jar based on what message you want to convey to her. That said, you need to remember to size the floral arrangement with the size of the jar that you are using. If you are using less than 5 stems, use a jar with a smaller neck. This will make the arrangement look so much nicer as it is being seen relative to the size of the vase too. Also, when we say red roses, you don’t have to just use red roses only. IF you have some baby breath or some red hypericum, it will be good to put some too as it will make the floral arrangement look that much bigger.

3. Roses in a Presentation Box

There is something about a custom made box that just screams luxury. We are not sure why either, but when we put roses in a custom made tube, we are as enchanted as you can ever be. If you have grown sick and tired of bouquets, why not give a box of roses a try.

Boxes are great if you are sending the bouquet to a lady who is always on the move. It is rather difficult to be holding a large bouquet if she is very active. Hence, by sending a Box of Roses from us, you can also spare her the pain of fumbling with the bouquet while she is on the go.

 4. Preserved Roses

After saying all that, there will always be those guys who cannot shake the idea that fresh flowers do not last long. No Worries. We have the perfect solution for you! Introducing preserved roses. Preserved roses are fresh roses that have been preserved and thus are able to last up to 3-6 months. These roses are specially chosen and nicely formed. When you give them to your loved ones, there will not be the issue of worrying that they will wilt easily. That said, as they were fresh flowers, they still look much better than silk flowers!

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