4 Anniversary Ideas that will not break your wallet

4 Anniversary Celebration Ideas

An anniversary is really pretty fascinating. Every year, we get to celebrate the day when we met and called it official that we will live our lives together. In many sense, an anniversary can feel like a renewal of the vows and promises that we have made to each other back then. As a result, many people may feel that an anniversary is very important and thus need to be as luxurious or grand as it can be. If you think that way in Singapore where living expenses is so high and exorbitant, you will go bankrupt in no time.

Having a memorable anniversary need not mean that you need to spend a great deal of money. Sometimes, money can buy you that experience because someone has made it their business to create the ambience for you and your significant other to enjoy. Hence you are paying for the convenience and also the attention to detail that the person had when preparing the location or event for you. In these cases, you can save a great deal of money if you spend the effort as well as have that attentiveness when you prepare for the celebrations. For example, instead of going to a grand michelin star restaurant to have your dinner, you can create a romantic setup for your dining table and cook for your loved ones. That takes way more effort than simply just taking out your card and paying for the restaurant to do it all for you. Sometimes, just measures also come across as way more sincere and thus may actually make your anniversary celebrations more memorable than otherwise.

Here are some ways to have an eventful anniversary without breaking your wallet or budget

Morning Cafe Hopping

We know we just mentioned that you can cook a dinner and save some hard earned cash for that matter. So you may find it weird that we are proposing that you do some cafe hopping during your anniversary day. The idea for this is pretty simple.

These days, it is super tough to just have a good morning. We mean a morning where you can just look at your partner’s eyes and just have a proper conversation with him/her. Of the many months that you are together as a partner, how many mornings is spent doing just that. Compare that with the mornings that you spend rushing to work and you will realise how something so ordinary can be so enjoyable.

It also does not hurt that some of the cafes have really good ambience and good food too. One such cafe that is very popular in Singapore will be the Populus cafe which is located at 146 neil road. In case you think we are bluffing, this cafe has not just earned a good review on Sethlui’s blog but has a 4.3 star average rating out of 750 google reviews. Beat that!

Building your own flower bouquet

Getting a flower bouquet from a flower shop for your anniversary will earn you a star but building a bouquet yourself will certainly be a real surprises. What most of us do not know is that there are many preferences and nuances to flower bouquets. Most of us just scroll through websites, see what we like and order a flower delivery singapore service. However, most of these images or designs are not done with your loved one in mind.

It may be a great design but not the right colour that your significant other like. The issue with this is that if you are to change the color it may also change the design’s look and feel as well.

When you build your own bouquet, you can assimilate all the things you know your loved one will like and build that beautiful bouquet for her.

Flick Binge

We know some couples do not like to go outdoors. Some of us just like to sit in our couch, hug our soft toys and just zone out in front of the TV. So what kind of shows can you play on your home theatre for your anniversary day. We recommend you keep all that ESPN, korean drama and Avengers movies to yourself and try to watch something that both of you may like. We have friends that recommend binge watching Game of Thrones. That to us is a great idea as it is a rather balanced show with elements of thrill, adventure, horror and suspense all wrapped into one.

Cook her an awesome meal

We mentioned that it saves you a lot of money if you can cook a great meal. However, if the only thing you have ever cooked is instant noodles, how are you going to pull that off? We suggest looking at Heston’s youtube tutorial. We like Heston’s tutorial because his cooking methods are very scientific and can be reliably reproduced. Don’t believe us, here is a video to prove it. We know it is abit difficult to cook that fish but his chip making does look very doable even for novices. Very ideal for your Flick Binge!


Anniversaries need not be expensive for them to be memorable. Follow these tips and we feel you will feel excited about celebrating every anniversary that comes your way.

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