3 ways to express kindness

Even though we run a flower delivery sbusiness and seem little affected by the recent Christchurch shootings, we feel strongly about it too. With so much unrest globally, as seen from the Christchurch shooting, many have come together to condemn the actions. Malaysians are even reported to have started a march for solidarity. We feel that we should not let the actions of one sow seeds of violence and chaos around the world. For the average joe, there really isn’t much we can do to affect the larger political landscape. However, we are able to show a little kindness to those around us. We believe that as long as we are kind to people around us, collectively we will be able to create a peaceful and cordial environment where such acts of violence and hatred will be adverted. Here are some ways to express kindness to those around you.

Gifting Flowers

There are very few gifts that have the element of surprise and emotional uplift that a bouquet of fresh flowers have. When one receives a bouquet, it is often soothing for the soul. This is perhaps the reason why loads of flowers were seen at the mosque to commemorate and mourn the dead. Day to day, we can send flowers as an act of appreciation to those around us. Bosses, can send them to their secretaries thanking them for the many years of hard work and service. Sons and daughters can send flowers to their mothers to express their heart felt appreciation for the sacrifice that she has made. While such acts of kindness are towards people that we know, we can also show some kindness to people who we do not know by name but have been in our community. Gifting a rose or sunflower bouquet to the cleaning lady whom you see every day yet don’t know her name, will not just make her feel appreciated but is also emotionally uplifting for you. If you want flower delivery in Singapore, don’t hesistate to contactus!

Buying a drink for the tissue uncle on a hot day

We have all seen this sight, an old uncle walking around the coffee shop with a large bag of tissues. He goes from table to table, peddling tissues at 3 packs for a dollar. Amidst the heat of the coffee shop, many may see that as begging but it does not change the fact that it is an honest livelihood. It is certainly difficult for the uncle who not only has to bear the heat but more importantly have to face repeated rejection when he goes from desk to desk. While we can buy a pack of tissue from him, we can also show him some kindness by buying him a sugarcane drink to quell the heat.

Giving Donations for a worthy cause

One of the most convenient acts of kindness will be to donate to a charitable cause. There are many charities in Singapore which will fit your area of concern. From SPCA and Straits times’ pocket money fund to community chest, you can choose any one of those. While donating more can potentially have a larger effect, we feel what is most important is the intent of giving.

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