3 Most Important Aspects of a flower design

All of us want a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This can be a bouquet featuring any type of flowers, such as hydrangeas, sunflowers or even lilies. However, what does it mean for a bouquet to be beautiful? Many a time, most of us have a rather binary approach to the assessment of beauty. At a glance, we will decide whether we like the visual presentation of the bouquet or not. We believe that a beautiful flower bouquet is one that follows the three essential aspects of floral design principles. Check out the bouquets that we have in our flower delivery singapore program!

Flower Design Principles

The fundamentals of floral arrangement have been around for very long. Some may even say that these theories are out dated or no longer relevant to the modern days of Korean or wild rustic bouquets. However, you will be surprised to know that such Korean or rustic bouquets though seemingly wild, still observes the basic concepts of floral arrangement. In fact, these are much harder to do as the tendency of them becoming a colourful; jarring ball of mess is way higher than the traditional tried and tested way of making floral bouquets. Hence, these basic principles should still be referenced, respected and contemplated especially when one decides to do a new floral arrangement. We hope that by sharing these principles, we can benefit all who have an interest in making a beautiful bouquet 

Relative Size of flowers

The first thing to note will be the different size of each flower in the bouquet. This is because how big they are relative to the entire arrangement matters a lot. Putting a huge hydrangea instead of a rose will totally change the look of your entire bouquet. This is also known as finding the right proportion which is the relational size between different building blocks within a bouquet. These building blocks can include everything from the flowers to the foliage like the dusty millers that are frequently used. By making sure that there is a good balance between flower and foliage you will be one step closer to making your beautiful bouquet.


One thing that those who attend our workshops often overlook is that proportion is not just about flower to foliage but it is also about the entire arrangement to the vase. On one level it refers to the size of the arrangement relative to the arrangement. We do not want to fit a large arrangement on a small vase, causing it to look unnatural and top heavy. If the vase topples, it will also create a big mess. However, we also do not want to put a grand flower arrangement in an oversized vase as it will diminish the grandness of your creation. 

As a rule of thumb, each large cluster must be balanced with another cluster of similar size. This means that if you have a large hydrangea in your bouquet, you may want to have a cluster of 2-4 roses to help balance them out. If you have 3 to 5 of such groups in your floral designs, you should have a well-proportioned floral arrangement in your hands. However, size and the relative proportion is not all that matters as you still have to consider other factors such as the color combination that is used.

Color compatibility

Color is one of the most important aspects in a floral arrangement. You need to make sure that the colors you have chosen are either contrasting or complementary. This is because our eyes are attuned to the gradient of colors that split out of white light. Hence we need to ensure that our choice of colors mimic the gradients that our eyes are naturally accustomed to. One good way is to use the color wheel to identify what colors to use. If you can find a detailed color wheel, it will also be able to show you the shade of color that you can use.

Putting Everything Together

While it is important to get both the relative size of each component as well as the colour right, one should also not forget the overall look at feel of the bouquet or floral arrangement. It is not easy to achieve this when you are new at this but if you have a particular design in mind, it will be much easier as you kind of have a blueprint to work with.

In designing your flower arrangement, it is important to have a combination of elements that are somewhat repeated yet possess slight variation to keep the person looking at it captivated. This slight variation can be achieved not just with colour but also with material, and textures. A good analogy will be the waves that you see on the shores of East Coast Park. You kind of know that there is a pattern to it but yet every single wave is slightly different and fleeting which makes you want to sit and observe them. That is the essence that we often strive to achieve in our floral bouquets.

All these concepts are hard to master by themselves and even more difficult to coordinate well. We hope you have gained something from reading our little tips and guide and we look forward to seeing your beautiful creations! 

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