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Abigail - Poppy Petals


$120.00 - $220.00
Jess - Poppy Petals


$120.00 - $220.00
Arlene - Poppy Petals


$120.00 - $220.00
Anne - Poppy Petals


$120.00 - $220.00
Rachel - Poppy Petals


$150.00 - $220.00
Alyssa - Poppy Petals


$120.00 - $220.00
Sharon - Poppy Petals


$120.00 - $220.00
Amanda - Poppy Petals


$120.00 - $200.00
Jacqueline - Poppy Petals


$80.00 - $180.00

Popular Rose Bouquets

We have developed a specialty in crafting rose bouquets

Luxurious yet Affordable

We want you to have the best flower arrangements you can find without having to eat instant noodles for lunch

Our customers say

10 ⭐️ florist! Super patient and responsive with my requests. Not to mention the super high standard of the bouquet created! Definitely my go to florist from now on! Thanks a lot!.

- Yvonnewongyb | Carousell-

Why do people send flowers??

Flowers are not the most useful present. They are not as practical as a bag, a key chain a wallet or even a vase. They also don't last as long! We always try to help customers keep their blooms fresh for longer but no matter what we do, we cannot outlast that LV wallet that is sitting nonchalantly on the rack. So why should anyone buy flowers???

Sending Flowers - The sweet element of surprise

 A flower bouquet can always present an element of surprise. Been sending red roses to your girl every two weeks? Switch it up. You can choose a more pastel 'built'. By using a combination of pink roses and a tonne of other premium flowers with similar supplementary colors, you can show a tad of softness and warmth that your girl may not be expecting from you. For an illustration, you can take a look at our Bouquet Bernice that comes with free Singapore Flower Delivery.

Flower Bouquet - A Piece of Nature beautifully packed in paper

Flower bouquets are fresh, filled with bright colors and have specific fragrances. This helps to lighten the atmosphere and generally make people feel good. If your friend is feeling down at work or if your team is unmotivated, try putting fresh blooms or a fresh centerpiece in the vicinity and watch their mood adjust for the better. 

Flowers -  the Gift that beats time 

Flowers wilt so why do we say that flowers are the gift that beats time? It makes not sense until you realise that historically, humans have been sending flowers since the beginning of civilization. This long standing tradition definitely can stand the test of time. You were sending flowers when you were using Nokia 8250. Remember? 

Flowers help us to communicate emotions better than than the latest most fashionable pouch or tote bag. They bring our focus to the present and help to tell the recipient how and what you are feeling. This is a really important point. Buying flowers isn't always about what the lady likes or what your budget is. At the deepest level, it should answer the following question: which flower or bouquet best represents your relationship with that person. That is highly personal... and if you have that perfect bouquet on hand, it will be the start of wonderful journey and experiences. 

About Us

Soap n Petals is the best Raffles Place Florist. When you purchase your bouquet with us, our florists will review the order and design the bouquet from scratch. They will choose the right flower from the fresh flowers that have arrived at our shop in Raffles place that very morning. There after, they will also use unique floral paper that we have sourced so as to give the flower bouquet the luxurious look that our shop at Raffles Place is famous for. The bouquet will then be given a fresh spray of mist so as to ensure that the flowers look their very best when they reach you. Once done, your flower bouquet will be passed to our delivery crew who will then send it to your doorstep at the stipulated time slot.

Vision for our Singapore Flower Delivery Program

At Soap n Petals, we aspire to be the best florist at Raffles Place crafting affordable yet luxurious looking flower bouquets that are delivered to your doorstep. A luxurious looking bouquet need not be expensive. More often than not, florist will take a higher margin the more premium the flowers used. However we believe that keeping premium flowers within reach of our customers allow them to enjoy the value, which forms the basis of both our brand and our flower delivery service. For more information about our Floral Shop, you can also check out Flower Delivery Reviews. Flower Delivery Reviews is international award with a depth of information on floral services across different countries

Always sending Fresh Flowers, Continuous improvement

At Soap n Petals, we have always been experimenting with new arrangements for our flower delivery service. While our staple is no doubt the gorgeous rose, we have also come to appreciate the complexity of roses. Roses, different in stem length, in petals, in head size and in bloom style. Even the way the thickness of the petals and the way petals swirl also varies from continent to continent. As such, we are always in search of the perfect bloom that brings out the best in a hand bouquet. We know we succeeded when the recipients comment about how beautiful the flowers that were delivered are. Apart from roses, we have also tried other type of exotic flowers such as Calla Lilies, Rananculus and Proteas. The result of all these experimentation is a nice bouquet that stands out from the other types of rose bouquets that you have seen.


At Soap n Petals, our flowers are delivered from our raffl. Whether you are in YishunRaffles Place, Novena or Tampines, Soap n Petals Singapore flower delivery will be able to meet your needs. Our courteous and punctual Singapore flower delivery staff will hand delivery your flower bouquets to your doorstep.  

Soap n Petals Flower Delivery offers flowers for any occasion. Whether you are looking at birthday flowers or anniversary flowers, marriage bouquet, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day flowers or a graduation bouquet or graduation flowers we will be able to cater to your needs. With Soap n Petals Flower Delivery Singapore, you can be assured that you will receive the best quality and freshest flowers that you can find in

Wherever you are looking to buy flowers, Soap and Petals Flower Bouquet Delivery is just a click away. We tend to every bouquet as if its from a first time customer, always choosing the freshest flowers to create the look that you desire. We believe this will cultivate consumer trust which is the base foundation of our entire Singapore flower delivery business. 

Points to note when sending flowers

There are generally a few important points to note before you decide on which bouquet to send with our Singapore flower delivery program.Firstly it depends on who you are sending. Is it your girlfriend, wife, mother, best friend forever or a crush? Secondly, what kind of bouquet you send depends largely on what occasion it is. To give you an example of a nice bouquet to the wrong place, imagine what will happen if you send a romantic bouquet to your girlfriend when she has just undergone surgery. In those situations, the deep romantic rose bouquet may actually look a little too tacky. Instead, you may want to go for something more pastel white or send her a sunflower bouquet to cheer her up. Most guys sign up for flower delivery with the sweetest intent. Hence no one wants to get it wrong. This tendency to not want to get it wrong makes guys go for the safe tried and tested bouquet that they have sent before. On a side note, if any girls out there read this and feel your partner is a tad too boring, it may just be because he does not want to disappoint you by sending something you don't like. We can vouch that it is not for a lack of effort!  

Points to note when sending romantic bouquets

The one thing that guys can do to impress their girl or make her feel especially cherished is to send her flowers. There are 2 points that we feel you should take note when giving flowers. Of which, the 2nd point is what we feel to be the most important of them all.

When should I Send Flowers to a girl

Ideally, you will want to buy your lady flowers every day, but we all know that none of us have the budget to do that. That said, sending flowers only during valentines day, anniversary or birthdays can feel as if you are following a sort of social routine and not being genuine enough. Hence we will recommend that you send flowers once every month so that your lady is constantly being reminded of your adoration for her. 

That said, please try to remember to send flowers during special occasions. This is because guys tend to forget the small little details in life. This is made worse by the hectic life styles and hyper connected world that we lead. Who here remembers the phone number of your girlfriend or wife. If you cannot remember her phone number, you probably also will not know her favorite flowers! We will advice that you save these important dates into your Google Calendar three days before the actual event. That way you can then have the time to look around for the best flowers that remind you of her.  To many girls, its not the small details that count but rather the effort to remember these small details. The effort makes her feel more cherished and appreciated.

Hence, please kindly remember her birthday date, your anniversary or any particular date that is unique to both of you. While Valentine Day is a must, it is even more impressive if you deliver a bouquet of flowers to celebrate some small thing that she never expect you to even remember.


Who are you sending flowers to?

There are many who claim that you should deliver a bouquet of flowers to your girl either at her home or her work place where everyone can witness and participate in her joy of receiving these flowers. However, Singapore Flower Delivery may not be meant for you as not all girls appreciate the public attention. We personally know more introverted girls who would hide under their desk as if its a bomb shelter. Hence before you engage us or any florist for flower delivery services, ask yourself what your girl is like.

If your girl is shy and quiet, its always best to bring the flowers yourself and give it to her in a more private situation, such as 1-1 romantic dinner or just a casual coffee chat. While you should not send the flowers straight to her office, it does not mean you cannot send it to your own office so that you don't have to make an additional trip out to the flower shop.

That said, if your girl prefers a little public display of concern and appreciation, you can definitely leverage on our free Singapore flower delivery program

Brief History of Raffles Place

Humble beginnings

Raffles Place is the centre of the Financial District of Singapore and is located south of the mouth of the Singapore River.[1] It was first planned and developed in the 1820s as Commercial Square to serve as the hub of the commercial zone of Singapore in Raffles Town Plan. It was renamed Raffles Place in 1858 and is now the site of a number of major banks. It is located in the Downtown Core within the Central Area, and features some of the tallest buildings and landmarks of the country

Our Customers at Raffles Place

Our customers are often working professionals working at One Raffles, Clifford Tower or some of the other surrounding office buildings. They may also be those who just hopped off the Raffles MRT station to transit to the East West Line. When they come to us, they are often looking for a flower bouquets to be delivered as gifts for their loved ones or colleagues. Many of whom have become repeat customers of our flower delivery service as they have come to trust that we can provide them with consistently beautiful bouquets.

There are many florist in Raffles Place such as Floralgarage, with a wide array of offerings. However, the hurried lives that you lead also makes it difficult or impossible to go to each and every raffles place florist to look at what they have to offer. With that in mind, we have decided to make it easier for our clients by creating a website that has all our latest floral designs available for free flower delivery in Singapore. To be the raffles place florist with the best service, we upload all of our recent designs so that you can get to choose from them. Hence, it will be no different from coming to our raffles place florist store to see our vast collection of flowers. In fact, it may even be better as you can see what we have done for say the whole of last week from the comfort of your chair with just click of a button

Top Attractions at Raffles Place


 The Merlion is the mythical symbol of Singaporand is a key attraction in Singapore. It is a half fish half lion statue that overlooks the Singapore River. This 8.7 m tall state which is found at One Fullerton  The fish body symbolises Singapore's beginning as a fishing village whereas the lion head is Singapore's national symbol

Top Hotels near Raffles Place

Raffles Hotel

 Opened in 1887, there is no other building in Singapore that has such an impressive colonial few. To date, Raffles Singapore remains as one of the remaining great 19th century hotels in the world. It was first established by Armenian hotelliers, the Sarkies Brothers in 1887 and has seen changed hands to be the flagship property of Raffles Hotels and Resorts a subsidiary of the famous AccorHotels. The hotel is now undergoing phase 3 of its restoration program.

There are a few very interesting aspects to Raffles Hotel, two of which are worth writing about. Firstly, not many knows that the original Singapore Sling drink that is now synonymous with the Singapore night life was originally created in Raffles Hotel. Secondly, Raffles place is the only hotel with an ivory facade manned by impressive Singh men. These ambassadors of the hotel are recognized by their immaculate white turbans and add a cultural uniqueness to the luxurious hotel.

So Sofitel Singapore

SO Sofitel Singapore is a luxury boutique hotel ideally located in the city-state’s central business district, fusing old-world charm with the latest media technology. Housed within an iconic former telecommunications building and decorated with a perfect blend of both French style and chic Singaporean influences, it redefines the luxury boutique hotel experience in the Lion City, and is perfect for any traveller who wishes to experience local charm at its best.

Other Flower Delivery Services at Raffles Place


Fleuriste is a boutique florist who has just recently moved to North Canal Road. It is the building over seeing the speakers corner. If you are going to look for them, you can either walk from raffles MRT station or try going from Clarke Quay station! It is a little difficult to locate the shop as it is on the second floor. However, keep your eyes peeled for their hard to miss white and black signage!

Founded in 2015 by Joan Chua and Sarah Ching, Fleuriste specializes in conducting floral design courses and workshops. We especially like their workshops which to this day is still instructed by the shop's founders 

Blume Link

Blume Link is a fashionable floral shop that is tucked away in Far East Square right next to Amoy Hotel. We really love how the shop is designed with its glass doors and botanical theme. 

One of those places that really stands out in Far East Square and a must go if you are in the area! 

The Little Flower Shop

A Little Flower Shop started from a traditional and conventional little flower shop from the HDB, selling in a little corner of the wet market serving the mass community in the 1990s. Since then they have moved to Lau Pa Sat and is behind many of the corporate arrangements that you see in the region. For those who noticed that they seem to have moved, fret not! They just relocated to another spot at Laupasat. Simply cut through the crowd towards AIA building and you will find them there

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