Soapnpetals provides one of the best flower delivery services. We set our sights at being the best florist in Singapore by making sure that our bouquets are of utmost quality and our flower delivery is on time and top notch. We see ourselves as a bespoke tailor of sorts, crafting unique bouquets. Of all the flower deliveries that we have done, our most popular hand bouquets are roseslilies and hydrangeas. The hand bouquets that you see in all our flower deliveries are not just generic flower bouquets. Each flower has been carefully chosen, the paper carefully selected and measured before it is being cut to the right size for your bouquet. 

Flower Bouquet Delivery

Flower in vase, flower boxes and a bouquet of flowers are the more popular options when it comes to clients looking for flower delivery service in Singapore. However, flower delivery is not all that we do. Soapnpetals is also known for flowers that help to commemorate key social events. This may be the congratulatory flower stands that our clients order for their friends or even their own clients, or it may be sympathy flowers that were sent as a form of respect for those who have passed.

Whether you are a repeat customer or someone who has never sent flowers to your loved ones before, we always treat your order as if it is our first flower delivery. This means that we will try our utmost to give you the most value for every flower delivery that you make with us. This is really critical as many of our clients trust us to give them the best delivery service and flowers especially on important events such as Valentine’s Day. We do not skimp on the quality just because we have loads of delivery orders or because it is a repeat customer. To us, whether you are buying flowers from us for the 100th time or you made the purchase from Hong Kong, you will only continue to support us if we provide consistent value and quality in our flower delivery program.

Pricing of our flower bouquets

Our wide range of flower arrangements is immensely affordable with prices starting from $80, with a flat delivery fee of $20. Apart from affordable bouquets, we also offer gift hampers and gift sets.

The flowers we deliver to your loved ones is not your typical run off the mill flower bouquet. Sure, we can compete with others in being the cheapest florist. That way we will be able to rank for search results such as ‘cheap florist’, ‘cheap flower deliveries’ and ‘cheap fresh flowers’. However, we feel that the growing price competition has resulted in a drop in quality of flower deliveries. To be the cheapest florist in Singapore would mean to compromise on the quality of the design. Instead, we aim to have luxurious bouquets at affordable prices. Most of our floral designs have 2 or 3 tiers, with the last tier being our top in line product. By being the most affordable florist, we actually provide far more value to our customers. Clients who have tried our flower boxes for example, are often very impressed. By putting their trust in us, they realised that they may have paid slightly more but have gotten far greater value for every dollar that they spent on the flowers that they bought.

Raffles Place Florist

Soapnpetals is a Flower shop in Raffles Place. As a Raffles Place Florist, our main aim is to deliver flower arrangements to our corporate clients. This includes both companies and flower lovers who are also corporate workers. Situated at So Sofitel, we are right beside Lau pa sat which has historically been the centre of the business district. This allows us to be in close proximity to many of our corporate professionals who have been assigned to corporate offices in Raffles Place.

Brief History of Raffles Place

Raffles place is one of the oldest commercial centres in part due to its proximity with the Singapore River. As technology was not as advanced as it was now, the early migrants often travel to Singapore by this main waterway. Upon embarking on the island, they also tend to settle down in the vicinity. Due to the high traffic, it gives rise to much commercial opportunities which in turn attracts more traders to come to Singapore.

The Client

Are you looking for a Florist to do your flower delivery for you? You are probably a corporate warrior who lives and breathes the air in the central business district. Working at Raffles Place means that you are probably a corporate professional who has had the privilege of working with many world class institutions. These institutions often set up shop in Singapore due to the generally high level of corporate governance and efficiency in the country.

This often means that the same level of effectiveness and efficiency is expected of the talent that they hire. Our clients are therefore often very busy professionals who have very little time to tend to things outside of their corporate duties. Many of them often get most of their personal things done in the one to two hours of lunch break that they have. During those hours, we often have many clients coming to our Raffles Place florist to get gifts for their loved ones and colleagues. 

Why do our clients need us

At Raffles Place, our clients are not removed from the ups and downs of life. They may have to buy a birthday present for a colleague or friend and will like to find the nearest Florist to do so. They may need flowers to bring home for celebrations such as Valentines’ day and Mothers Day and are only looking for it after work when most other florist have closed shop. 

Clients need a Raffles Place florist for corporate duties too

Our clients may also need a Raffles Place Florist for their work commitments. They may be part of a corporate development or management team and will need some floral arrangements for their meeting tables, or send a corporate gift for the opening of a retail outlet by one of their tenants. They may also need to send wreaths when the loved ones of their clients passed on. Regardless of the situation, we have always been able to help them with their flower needs. 

Why you should choose us

There are many traits that distinguish a florist who works predominantly for the corporate community in Raffles Place. Firstly, they must be eloquent and able to converse in fluent English. This is because most of the corporate workers in Singapore, be it expat or locals are highly proficient English speakers and a raffles place florist needs to be able to communicate well with his or her prospective clients.

Fast thinkers

Further a Raffles place Florist need to think and be fast on their feet. This is not just about being street smart. Instead, the elements of great design must be so ingrained that they are able to fulfil the client’s wishes in as short a time as possible. Many a time, customers who come to a flower shop in Raffles Place, expect fast and exemplary service. This means that the Raffles Place Florist cannot expect to be given long hours to figure out what flowers to use and how to create the flower bouquet or arrangement that the client wants.

Strong service orientation

To be a successful florist, you would also need to have a strong service orientation. This is because unlike many of the online flower shop, where the platform is the main interface between the client and the shop, a raffles place florist faces customers day to day. To serve one customer well is easy but to be consistent in providing great service every day without fail, takes training and a level of maturity.

Our Flower Selection

Our Raffles Place Flower Shop is a humble establishment yet we always keep the freshest flowers in our chiller so as to ensure that our clients have easy access to them. These includes different kind of roses as well as hydrangeas, which we use to make our majestic hydrangea bouquets. While most of these flowers are staples, we do bring in some rare exotic flower types to spruce up our floral arrangements. 

At our flower shop, we often receive request from clients to get certain flower types for them and thus far, we have always exceeded their expectations. We hope to continue to serve this community and fulfil our goal of making our clients smile. 

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